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Welcome To Alberta


Capital: Edmonton

Motto: (Strong and Free) Fortis et Liber

Flower: Wild Rose

Population, 1998: 2,913,350


Alberta is renowned for its incredible diversity.  Both environmentally and culturally.  Descendents of the early pioneers and newcomers from around the world work the fields under the big sky of the rolling prairie.  They work in the province’s cities and small towns, researching medical breakthroughs at the province’s universities or teaching students-young and old- the latest in computer technology.  They fill the streets of its cities and hike the solitary trails of its back country.

Alberta’s natural resources are equally diverse.  Its energy reserves fuel a thriving oil and gas industry.  Its diversified forest products sector produces many manufactured goods and exports expertise around the world.  Its fertile farmlands support a large food and beverage industry and agricultural research.

Alberta’s diversity is also seen in its spectacular natural beauty.  Residents and visitors alike travel to the land of yesteryear where dinosaurs roamed the Badlands; they experience the natural beauty of the Canadian Rockies; and, they delight in Alberta’s blue skies and prairie farmland.

Albertans also share a sense of initiative and spirit of innovation, combining the province’s abundance of natural resources with their entrepreneurial spirit to create a positive business climate.

Alberta has one of the most competitive business tax environments in North America with the lowest taxes in Canada, no provincial sales tax- the only province in Canada without one- and no general capital or payroll taxes.

Having maintained the fastest growing economy in Canada for over a decade, Alberta’s value-added goods and services are exported around the world.  This province’s strong economy means a healthy job market and an unemployment rate among the lowest in the country.

Alberta is becoming a world leader in innovation and research and in development and commercialization of new ideas.  Witness the oil sands, where innovation introduces new technologies that have harnessed a once unusable resource.   Witness the innovation that used this new resource to expand Alberta’s petro-chemicals industry.

The province also ensures that all Albertans have the opportunity to learn, to adapt to changing times, and to acquire new knowledge and skills.  That opportunity covers everyone from pre-schoolers to those re-entering the workforce.  Alberta is intent on building the best educations system in Canada and attracting and retaining the best and brightest people.  By 2005, 40 percent of Albertans will have some post-secondary education, 75 percent will have completed high school, and at least 33 percent will be learning a second language.

Alberta recently introduced a pilot project called the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).  This is a two year program to fast track the immigration process for select skilled workers.

There are so many reasons why you can consider Alberta Home.  The quality of life in this province is second to none.  Residents enjoy superb heath and educations systems, as well as a clean and sage environment in which to raise a family in so many vibrant communities.  Plus, there is the promise of excellent cultural and entertainment opportunities.